Amigos Library Services is currently working with public libraries to implement the SimplyE app. We are also managing a grant from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission and the Institute of Museum and Library Services that will provide the documentation and processes necessary for other organizations to deploy the SimplyE app for their patrons.

Amigos Library Services’ SimplyE offering:

Amigos Library Services manages the SimplyE infrastructure for libraries who are both members and non-members. We help libraries configure the app for their patron’s use, as well as support the service thereafter. We are documenting the technical implementation and processes necessary for other organizations to implement SimplyE.

Details and contact information for this service can be found on our website.

About Amigos Library Services

Amigos Library Services is a not-for-profit membership-based organization dedicated to serving libraries. Consisting of over 500 libraries and cultural heritage institutions, Amigos Library Services has helped member libraries deliver a higher level of service to their communities through innovation, collaboration, and partnerships for over 40 years. Benefits of Amigos membership include a comprehensive array of services such as negotiated discounts on electronic information resources, opportunities for continuing professional education, access to a rich array of topical online conferences, reliable courier services, and more.

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