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  • Yes. Specifically, Library Simplified is a collection of middleware, server software and mobile client applications for iOS and Android that libraries may use to deliver digital content to their patrons for experimentation or daily eBook services. It is designed to provide a unique user experience for the lending of eBooks and other digital content. It is intended to work and integrate with technologies and systems common to libraries such as an Integrated Library System/Library Management Systems (ILS/LMS), Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) or Single Sign On (SSO) credential management system or commercial eBook hosting and distribution service such as Overdrive, Baker & Taylor's Access 360, or 3M Cloud Library.
  • Many eReading Apps in use by libraries today struggle to render content published in the EPUB3 format or make eBook content accessible to print disabled. The EPUB3 format is the standard being promoted by the IDPF and digital publishing industry at large due to the proliferation of non-interoperable and proprietary formats limiting access to content. EPUB3 is designed to provide enhanced content and accessibility features over EPUB2, and PDF. It is an open standard and not locked to any one proprietary vendor platform or commercial solution. Because the application is based on Readium rendering technology, it can support media overlay features of EPUB3 (video/audio) and allows applications to utilize the underlying operating system's accessibility features for print impaired users unlike many commercial reading apps today not purpose built for the blind and visually impaired. Additionally, the app is content host agnostic and leverages the newer APIs generously provide by popular eBook providers so content discovery and distribution is not locked to the commercial hosting providers end user client applications.
  • Much. For example:

    • EPUB3 support.
    • Accessibility support.
    • Print disabled content support.
    • Unified content discovery.
    • Interoperability with other reading platforms.
    • Cross platform support
    • library policy enforcement.
    • Integrated support for Public Domain content discovery and access.

    We could go on, but I think you get the picture...

  • Not yet. It is initially available on iOS and Android. These two platforms represent 98% of the global tablet market and 95% of the global smartphone market. Research indicates that for digital content, discovery and reading takes place primarily on mobile platforms. While the app will be ported to other platforms such as web and PC, the majority of content consumption is on mobile so the product is where the vast majority of eBook readers like to find and read eBooks.
  • Most.
    • Axis 360
    • Bibliotheca
    • Biblioboard
    • Enki Library
    • Overdrive & Overdrive Advantage
    • RBDigital
    • Plympton Books
    • Simplified Open Access Library
    • SimplyE Collection
  • The Readium Foundation ( is a non-profit member organization comprised of digital content platform providers, technology companies, other non-profits and eBook service providers. The Readium Foundation develops technology to accelerate adoption of EPUB 3 and the Open Web Platform by the global digital publishing industry. The International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) is the global trade and standards organization dedicated to the development and promotion of electronic publishing and content consumption. The work of the IDPF promotes the development of electronic publishing applications and products that will benefit creators of content, makers of reading systems, and consumers. The IDPF develops and maintains the EPUB content publication standard that enables the creation and transport of reflowable digital books and other types of content as digital publications that are interoperable between disparate EPUB-compliant reading devices and applications.
  • No. The software comes with no support, warranty or guarantees except where commercial licenses apply. However, venodrs such as Datalogics are providing a managed service that does come with support. Addtinally, some Consortia are looking to offer it as a supported service as well.
  • Yes. The server software is free and made available in source code form. The Android and iOS native client applications require a special non-profit library license or commercial license for the EPUB Rendering Engine and Digital Rights Management technology. Special public library licensing terms have been negotiated with the respective technology rights holders. However, NYPL maintains a generic version in the App stores called SimplyE which requires no licenses or subscription that will can be provided to a lirbaries patrons.
  • Yes. The application is built to work with Adobe DRM. As alternate DRM technologies are introduced into the library eBooks services then we will include them too. Libraries will be required to get a DRM license from the respective distributor before compiling the app launching it for their library. But don't worry, it should be a free license if you are a Library Simplified Partner library.
  • Library Simplified Partner means any entity, or a consortium that is not a component of a college or university, and qualifies as a public library under applicable state or federal law; or is a government entity, or is a tax-exempt entity under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, and engages in Public Library Services can be a Library Simplified Partner.
  • We would love your help! Be reminded that all code extensions and contributions should be provided back to the larger community license free. By doing this, as a community we strengthen the solution and the community of libraries.
  • We will post updates and contributions to the code repository as needed. We are still working out how this community may be maintained so any suggestions would be greatly welcomed.
  • We provide the application source code so it may be customized by individual organizations to meet their particular institutions needs. However, we ask that enhancements, bug fixes, or extensions be contributed back to the community so that other libraries, like yours, can benefit from these improvements.
  • No. The app does NOT render Kindle AZW file format. That format is also protected by a modified version of mobipacket DRM that is proprietary to Amazon and not avaialble to 3rd parties.
  • No.The app does NOT currently render Adobe PDF. While PDF is an open standard, there are several proprietary Adobe extensions to the format that make them inaccessible to 3rd party PDF rendering tools. Those extensions require proprietary rendering technology. In the future, support of PDF is planned for non-encrypted PDFs that do not include proprietary extensions and additional commercial licensing.
  • No.The app does NOT currently play Audiobook files. However, as of the posting of this FAQ the prodcut development team is working on that support. Stay tuned!
  • No.The app does NOT work on e-Ink devices. Those devices are currently unable to fully support the EPUB file format or the underlying rendering technology. However, some newer devices that run the Andorid operating system are becoming available. SimplyE has tested well so far on those prototype devices.
  • That feature relies on the underlay content host capability. We plan on working with eBook vendors to support this functionality.
  • Yes. Early returns are a function of the Adobe DRM which is common to eBook providers. For now, earlier returns functionality is exposed via API by OverDrive APIs and Access 360 APIs but not 3M Cloud Reader.
  • No. However, this feature is planned for in the future and will be dependent on the underlying eBook provider and the publisher license rights for the particular book.
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