Open Book 2014 Hackathon at NYPL

Library Simplified with NYPL Labs, Readium Foundation, O’Reilly Media, Perseus Books,, Google, and Datalogics for Open Book Hack Weekend at the New York Public Library (at 42nd Street) are hosting a digital book open source and content development event to promote HTML5, EPUB, and the Open Web Platform to improve the reading expereince.

From accross the globe...

Participants from as far away as Sophia University, Japan came to The New York Public Library. They brought their energy, hacking skills, software/content and ideas for projects.

Event Sponsors 11-13 January 2014

Through self-organizing teams they pursued creative app/service/content hacks to help us imagine the future of digital books, and advance the open source and open API building blocks needed for the diverse ecosystem of authors, designers, developers, publishers, libraries, booksellers, and readers.

Over 20 projects were initially pitched. Participants then merged forces and combined ideas, coalescing on 9 projects and were happily collaborating, designing and coding. At the end of the last day teams and individuals presented their progress, findings and working code to the community. The winning group, See and Read, created a platform for parents to read interactive ebooks to their children, each using their own device to experience the story differently. Others built online book clubs, collaborative glossaries, liberated Supreme Court rulings from PDFs, extended powerful tools like epub.js to make ebooks part of the fabric of the web, and used library metadata to make it easier to browse and find books online.

Incredible. What an event, what a community. I am so happy to have been a part of this moment.

John Doe, CEO of "Readium Foundation"


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