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Who we are

We are a community of individuals, companies, non-profits and libraries seeking to make digital content accessible and interoperable.

Our Idea

Make the technologies around eBooks and digital content available to libraries and those who serve libraries better.


As a community of contributors and maintainers we strive to encourage participation a harassment-free experience for everyone..
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Server Applications

Metadata Wrangler
  • Framework: Flask
  • Language: Python

The Metadata Wrangler provides metadata harvesting, aggregation, normalization, and syndication services for eBooks. The Metadata Wrangler utilizes open access data APIs from a variety of providers so as to enhance the catalog display of eBooks and other digital content.

Circulation Manager
  • Framework: Flask
  • Language: Python

The Circulation Manager is an application designed for libraries that helps aggregate content from a variety of eBook content providers and present the collections as a single catalog of content and inventory using Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS).

Content Server
  • Framework: Flask
  • Language: Python

The Content Server is currently only designed to support Open Access and Public Domain content. However, it will eventually be extended to be a general content server. This will allow adopter to track and communicate the relevant licenses associated with a particular work and apply Digital Rights Management protection as needed. It too is an application designed for libraries that helps aggregate content and present the collection and inventory status using Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS).

Sponsored projects and collaborations

Client application support for new content types

Status: Seeking additional project sponsors for code contribution.

  • Portable Document File (PDF) support - PDF 1.7 / ISO standard (ISO 32000-1)
  • Audio Books support - Formats, applications codes and standards
  • Graphic novel support -
    • Process, render and navigate CBR, CBZ, CBMA file formats
    • EPUB 3.x Panel naviagation
    • Application codes and standards
Mutlti DRM support

Status: In progress

  • License Content Protection
  • Sony/DADC User Rights Management System
Readium enhancement

Status: In progress (R2)

  • Consistent behavior between RMSDK and Readium
  • Collaborate on a common Readium SDK framework
  • In text search
  • Annotations
  • Dictionary
  • User bookmarks
  • Multiple renditions
  • Panel navigation (audiobooks, comics, bookmarks, syncing)
Circulation Manager integrations
Client Features
Mintex Sponsored Work

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