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Let's face it, who knows books better than librarians? Let librarian-based recommendations lead you to your next great read with easy to navigate, browse-able eBook collections in the palm of your hand. The public library in your pocket...too cool!

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Tired of DRM and customer log-in schemes used to sell you more stuff? Simply enter your library card number and once, and start reading, from your library, for free. If you don't have a library card…just sign up for one with the app!

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Just open the book (not another app) to read, and enjoy the full story. Library Simplified uses the next generation of eBook technology and digital rights management (DRM) technology to make reading on your phone or tablet simple and convenient.


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Join the community of libraries and citizen coders seeking to improve eBooks from libraries. Built with maximum use of open source software, open specifications and standards based technologies.


We understand that institutions need to promote themselves and their services so brand away!

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We, too, follow the principles of Readers First. Libraries need solutions built to work with numerous technology systems and service providers of eBooks. Our Open Architectures allow for easy integration into your library systems.

Project & Organization

Library Simplified Program

Administration - This project was made possible in part by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. In addition to grant program administration, NYPL will provide matching dollars, product and project management, and software engineering support.

Project Design - A full-time position "Product Owner (PO) for the Library Reading Experience,” will serve as the Grant Project Manager and Product Manager. The PO is charged with proposing ways in which to employ technology to ensure innovation in library policies and the full range of library offerings to deliver a better experience to more patrons. The PO will lead a small technical team and works in concert with partner libraries to analyze the assessment findings and move the design process forward. Library Simplified will include four phases of work with major milestones and deliverables at the end of each.
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Library Simplified Partner Libraries

LEAP and Library Simplified

The New York Public Library

  LEAP and Library Simplified Management Team
LEAP Project Director - Micah May
LEAP Project Manager - Kasia kowalska
Library Simplified Product Owner - James English

Product Development / Engineering Team
Product Owner / Engineering Manager - James English
Application Architect, NYPL - Leonard Richardson
Developer/Application Engineer, NYPL - Amy Slagle
Developer/Application Engineer, NYPL - Courteney Erin
Developer/Application Engineer, NYPL - Matthew Skomarovsky
  NYPL Labs
Paul Beaudoin, Brian Foo, Mauricio Giraldo, Matt Miller
  Other Contributors
Ben Anderman, Raduz Benicky, Juan Corona - Evident Point, Corp
Hadrien Gardeur - Feedbooks, SAS
Mikael Menu, Jean-Marie Geofroy - Mantano, SAS
Mark Raynsford - Independent, UK
Gwendolen Quinn - NYPL/Independent, USA
Sam Tarakajian - NYPL

User Experience and Analysis

The project team will engage directly with users throughout the project to test hypotheses and gather input. Since the first goal of this project is to build audience, at all stages it will be critical to gather insights from non-users. The team will collect and analyze partner library systems in order to:

Lead Partner Library:
Brooklyn Public Library

  Work Stream Lead: Jeneatte Moy/Lisa Chow (Brooklyn Public Library)
  Team Members:
The New York Public Library - UX Team: Jennifer Anderson, Morgan Holzer, James English

Policy and Practice

Library Policy pain points – This will demonstrate how and for whom current library policies create “pain points"; providing key support for senior library decision makers evaluating the pros and cons of policy changes. The key deliverable will be policy recommendations and identification of best practice for libraries managing access to digital content and services.

Lead Partner Library:
Santa Clara County Library

  Work Stream Lead:  Megan Wong
  Policy Team Members:
Paula Brehm-Heeger (Cincinatti Public Library)
Jeanette Moy (Brooklyn Public Library)
James English (The New York Public Library)

Architecture and Integration

This effort is focused on identifying the systems and common interface frameworks, protocols and methods so as to inform development of the application. It will focus on identifying integration needs, touch points and solution paths so that the application can be readily adopted by partner libraries and other libraries.
Architectural Schematics of/for all Partners - The team will work with partner project leads to develop a simple but comprehensive annotated schematic diagram of the IT architecture for each partner library.
Overlay of Data sources and feeds - A key component of the architectural diagnostic will be to understand the potential sources of patron and collections data from an ILS, e-content from vendors, and supplemental UGC and/or recommendation from other third party products. This overlay, which will sit “on top” of schematic diagrams, will capture not what the systems are but also how they interact, a critical first step toward proposing ways they can be streamlined.
Market Scan - The Product Owner and team will review products that are available to libraries but not in use at all/any of the partners. This work will come late in the Fact gathering/Analysis phase so that it can focus on exploring strong hypotheses about how new products could be integrated to satisfy unmet needs and wants.

Lead Partner Library:
Alemeda Public Public Library

  Work Stream Lead:  Asad Iqbal
  Team Members:
Eben English (Boston Public Library)
Nate Hill (Chatanooga Public Library)
James English (The New York Public Library)


The communication team works to provide information and news to the broader public. The goal is to encourage participation and involvement by the broader library community. As more and more libraries become aware and involved, the project hopes to capture new ideas, enhancements and improvement to the core products so as to make a better experience for library users and non-users alike.

Lead Partner Libraries:
Kent District Library and Sacramento Public Library

  Work Stream Lead - Melissa DeWild (Kent District Library)
  Work Stream co/Lead - Amy Calhoun (Sacramento Public LIbrary)
  Team Members:
James English (The New York Public Library)

News & Events:

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